Infrared Nature Photography

Today I had a chance to test out my new R72 digital infrared filter. This filter only works on certain digital models and I used my Nikon D70 to capture these. For the photography geeks out there who want to give this a try: 1) set your camera on a tripod and pre-focus. Turn the focus to manual. 2) put the R72 filter on your camera 3) adjust to manual 'pre' white balance using either an expodisc white balance filter or your favorite white balance method 4) use long exposures and shoot on manual mode only. You have to do some guestimating for length of time. The first image was 8 seconds, the second was 1.5 seconds and the third was 4 seconds, all at f8. These images are almost how they came out of the camera, except I desaturated the cyan, which was really strong in some of the pictures. Apparently, it's better to do infrared on a sunny day (it was nearly pouring most of today), but I was too impatient to wait.