Infrared Photography - Cloud Forests of Costa Rica

I recently purchased a Hoya R72 infrared filter and experimented with some of the landscapes in the cloud forest. Since the filter blocks out almost all sunlight these exposures were quite lenghty - usually longer than two minutes. The first image is exactly as the camera recorded it. I liked the colours so I left it as-is. The other two images were converted to B&W.

hoya R72 filter infrared photography waterfall
infrared nature photography costa rica cloud forest poas volcano
hoya r72 infrared filter on a D200 body or a D70 body

Other Costa Rican Scenes

hermit crab costa rica wildlife photography
Hermit Crab
boa constrictor costa rica wildlife photographer
Boa Constrictor
fruit bats costa rica wildlife photography
Fruit Bats

My husband Cary at the Drake Bay Airport

Corcovado National Park
mono titi
That's me with a mono titi on the roof of the Costa Linda
sunset on the beach manuel antonio national park costa rica nature photography
Manuel Antonio Beach

Photo of the Day Award!

I just found out that one of my images from a previous trip to Costa Rica was selected as a photo of the day.

photo of the day award winning nature photograph tree frog treefrog costa rica hyla ariane