The Tahsis 63km Great Walk

When I first moved to Vancouver Island I read an article about the "Great Walk," a one-day 63km walk up a logging road from Gold River to Tahasis that was billed as "North America's toughest pledge walk." There was always one reason or other I couldn't do it - usually school or a wedding or something else (uh... like maybe the fact that I've been in awful shape lately).

This year I discovered that I actually have the date free so I threw caution to the wind and signed up. I'm quite excited... it'll be a cool challenge. I've heard all kinds of things about the course - that it's quite steep at certain points since it goes through a mountain range - so I'm hoping some of my friends out there will be keen to help me train... anyone up for a hike in East Sooke park this weekend?

The nice thing about this walk is that you can raise money for a charity of your choice. I've chosen the World Wildlife Fund of Canada. I promise not to hit everyone over the head with my donation sheet every time I see you... but if you'd like to sponsor me please let me know. It's a great cause. :)

You can find out more about the great walk here:

UPDATE - Eunice & I are now also entering the Cowichan Lake 56km walk.
Eunice couldn't do the Great Walk with me because she was booked for a wedding, but we've decided to team up and do this walk together in September. This is also a charity walk, but I don't believe there is a pledge/sponsorship-type thing involved.